Darcrus (DAR)
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<p>It seems that darcrus is interested in handling corporate data. </p> <p>The following is taken from their bitcointalk announcement which you can find <a href="https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1676111.0">here</a></p> <p>Darcrus is a token that is tradable on NXT, Waves or any exchange that lists Darcrus. dAppsheet is the team’s first project utilizing Darcrus. dAppsheet will decentralize a business’ application using blockchain technology and automatically replicate their underlying database to tailor any tracking, billing accounting , authentication or service desk application to their specific needs. This will ensure trust and security. We will offer consulting services to businesses who need assistance building their custom GUI for accessing their dAppsheet. Software developed by the team will be open source with the exception of NDA-signed software developed for clients.</p> <p>The founder has worked on a number of crypto applications and seems to be currently working on stratis?</p>